Welcome to the Ballroom Episode 2: “Kiyoharu Hyōdō”

New character steps in Tatara’s spotlight At the end of last week’s episode, Tatara emerges from the Ogasawara dance studio determined to pursue professional ballroom dancing after pulling an all nighter to rehearse a basic box step and earning hesitant admiration from potential love interest Shizuku. With Tarata’s sweat on the floor, Welcome to the Ballroom promises to be a classic tale of hard-work overcoming everything. Unfortunately for Tatara, a new character with an even bigger drive to dance steps in his spotlight. As hinted at in the episode title, “Kiyoharu Hyōdō” introduces us to Kiyoharu Hyōdō, a junior ballroom “monster” ranked first … Continue reading Welcome to the Ballroom Episode 2: “Kiyoharu Hyōdō”