Akihabara is home to an incredible number of unique shops and stores that help provide not only goods and services, but also personality to the area.  One of those shops is Zettai Ryoiki, the knee high specialty store which just had its first anniversary!  Full to the brim with all manner of stockings, socks, and leg accessories, you’re sure to find something to accentuate your twin towers here!

Inside Zettai Ryoiki – Like walking into Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s closet

One of the first things you notice when walking into Zettai Ryoiki is the soft lighting and cute displays.  As we walked around the store we enjoyed all the cute little surprises like a pikmin hidden inside a rack, a panda bear face peeking out of the bottom shelf, or many other things.  It was also like an Easter egg hunt finding all sorts of interesting items!  The shop owner is also a big Love Live fan so he has some posters and figures on display as well, adding to the cute atmosphere.  Akihabara is full of ladies who need knee highs and other leg accessories, so it wasn’t a surprise to see a signature on the wall from Dempagumi.inc’s Yumemi Nemu!

  • Zettai Ryoiki interior

Chocolate bars or guitars, what kind of legs do you want?

Whether you’re looking for just some standard stockings, or some leggings that are modeled after the cityscape of Akihabara, you’ll find it here, and many more that you didn’t even know you wanted yet!  Some of my favorites I found were chocolate bars that unwrapped at the top, concrete slabs, rabbits, piano keys, macaroons, space, bloody bandages, ice creams drips, and varsity socks.  There are so many different varieties and they are constantly adding more.  One of their walls (which has now overflowed onto a second wall) is dedicated to original designs by Zettai Ryoiki.  If you have a really good idea, they might even be able to help make them available!

  • Zettai Ryoiki Akihabara socks
  • Zettai Ryoiki custom knee high
  • Zettai Ryoiki Akihabara

You’ll also find some cute bows and clips, garters, pumpkin pants (poofy underwear for short skirts), gloves, and more.  We were lucky to have Card Captor Sakura working when we went and she displayed some of her favorites for us!  Zettai Ryoiki also produces some original tote bags and t-shirts with their logo and text that says things like “Subculture Girl.”

  • Zettai Ryoiki Akihabara staff

Located across the street from Akiba Drug & Cafe, it’s only a couple minutes from Akihabara station.  Make sure to drop in the next time your favorite knee highs get a hole in them or you want to get extra kawaii!

  • Zettai Ryoiki Akihabara outside


ShopNameZettai Ryoiki
AddressHasidume Bld.2F, 3-2-13, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan
Time12:00~20:00 (Weekends and Holidays from 11:00)
Regular holiday
= English OK
= Smoking OK
= Vegetarian Menu
= WIFI Available
= Credit Cards Accepted
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