Sleep Shop Hypnos Opens!

Last Friday, the 13th (!!!), a new shop called Hypnos opened up in Akihabara!  Hypnos is all about helping you get a good nights rest and has a great variety of pillows and portable mattresses.  I don’t know about you, but I looove me some sleeping, so a place like Hypnos is right up my alley!


One thing that really sets Hypnos apart from other stores is that there is a certified pillow adviser here who will counsel you for free about what type, size, and shape pillow will fit you and give you the best nights sleep!


Sleep science!


You can even try out any of the pillows on the awesome AiR mattress at the shop too.


These AiR mattresses are beloved by professional athletes and travelers for their ability to compactly roll up, while still offering a balanced and very pleasant deep sleeping experience.


Like being suspended on the pudgy fingers of cherubs.


No matter what kind of head you hold up proudly on your shoulders, Hypnos is sure to find something that works for you.


Black pillows, white pillows, skinny pillows, fat pillows, tall pillows, small pillows, I’m callin’ all pillows!


And if you’re really serious about you z’s, then try a custom pillow made just for you, that will last for years for ¥25,000.

They also carry aroma therapy items too, making falling asleep peaches and cream.


Hours: 11:00~19:00 (Tuesday holiday)

Address: Sotokanda 5-6-16, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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