Create Me is one of those awesome novelty stores you can find sprinkled throughout Akihabara.  What is Create Me?  It’s a mix of the hobbies and passions of its very friendly owner.  With drones, 3D printed figures, suspenders, garters, and tarot readers, it’s really something else!

Drones – What goes up, must come down

  • Create Me Akihabara drone
  • Create Me Akiba drones

Drones have been getting a lot of attention recently, and for good reason―they’re ridiculously fun to fly!  At Create Me you can get some hands-on experience before you decide if you want to make the purchase or not.  I tried my hand and really enjoyed it!  As a kid I loved RC cars.  I still remember the first one I had whose wheels would get thinner and taller the faster it went, and the Ricochet with tires larger than the body so it could flip all over the place.  Good times.  From there I used to dink around with my friends’ remote controlled helicopters.  Drones are the next step up.  While you can still fly them around inside like those little helis, they’re a bit more powerful and fast, so some more open space is preferred.  Just be careful if you’re flying them outside as it takes a while to adjust to the wind.  Luckily, Create Me offers drone training from time to time!  If you’re looking for something fun to do in Akihabara, come try out a drone!  The cheapest ones are just over ¥10,000!

Clones – Mini-Me, you complete me

  • Create Me Akihabara figure maker
  • Create Me Akihabara
  • Create Me Akihabara 3D printing

The name for Create Me comes from their specially customized 3D figures.  You put your face into this machine which captures it from multiple angles and sends the data to the customizing software.  Inside the software you can choose your clothing and hair style from a ton of options before sending the designs to be 3D printed.  It takes a couple days for the figures to be printed, but if you won’t be around Akihabara to pick them up, you can have them mailed to you after!  The figures are typically ¥3000, but you can get just the face for ¥1500 or a 3D photo for ¥300.

Tarot Reading – Luck of the draw

  • Create Me Akihabara tarot

It’s starting to become a trend that when I go to Akiba, I end up getting my fortune told in some new way.  This time was through Tarot cards.  At Create Me there are 3 different Tarot readers who come in on certain days of the week.  I got my reading from Yuki Kosaka using some standard Tarot cards, but she showed me some of the other styles available, like ones where all the people are replaced with cute, white kitties, and another with Street Fighter characters.  Dhalsim as the Hanged Man is priceless!  If you want to get your fortune read, they have options from ¥1500~¥4000 depending on the depth and amount of time you have.


  • Create Me Akihabara suspenders

Create Me is constantly changing and bringing in new products (like the drones).  One of the things that was there when we visited was a nice variety of suspenders and garters.  Some people can pull em off, and some can’t.  But if you’re in Akihabara and looking for something to take home to the suspender lover in your life, then look no further.  They also have some very elegant garters, if that’s what you’re into.


A lot of the charm of Akihabara is all of the personal shops, of which Create Me is one.  You never know what lies around the next corner or up the stairs, and you might be pleasantly surprised like we were.  We’ll keep scouring the streets to find some more awesome places for you around Akiba!

Create Me Akihabara outside


ShopNameCreate Me
AddressSotokanda 3-9-10, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Time10:00~19:00 (Thursday and Friday until 20:00)
Regular holidayWednesdays
= English OK
= Smoking OK
= Vegetarian Menu
= WIFI Available
= Credit Cards Accepted

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