The” Akihabara Liberty Nr.3” (リバティー秋葉原3号店) store (on the main street, under the amusement arcade “Akhabara GiGO”) which has been popular among figure collectors for a long time, will sadly be closing on June 21st, and then be replaced by a Taiyaki shop of the popular “Yokohama Kurikoan” (横浜くりこ庵) chain in August.



According to Yokohama Kurikoan´s web page, out of 50 different types and flavors of Taiyaki, there are 6 changing types of products available at the shop. Additionally, the seasonal products change every 2 weeks, so there´s always some new tastes to discover!




The most popular products are said to be the classic Taiyaki which contains 100% red beans “Ogura bean paste (Tsubuan)” from Hokkaido, the ”Premium Cream” (プレミアムクリーム) with custard cream, “Kuri Koan” (くりこあん) with chestnut, the “Murasaki Imoan”( 紫いもあん) with sweet potato and the “Chocolate” (チョコレート)one with a rich taste of cocoa in it. This all sounds so appetizing, I definitely feel like having a Taiyaki spree at the new store soon!

Source: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/n19842.html

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