The new Sharp figure was displayed, on the 4th floor of the Kotobukiya store in Akihabara, for only 4 days (17th-20th of July). As we have told you before, Sharp and Kotobukiya collaborated and designed a miniature model of Sharp’s “weapon-like vacuum cleaner”, one so small that a figurine could hold it.




Since several customers of Sharp commented that the “Cordless Cyclone Vcuum Cleaner Freed 2” looks like a weapon, Sharp and Kotobukiya decided to collaborate and make a tiny weapon inspired by the electric appliance. Finally, the much talked about figurine is here!




On Twitter, many twitted that the new figurine looks like just another weapon, and nothing like a vacuum cleaner. Despite that more visitors to the exhibition at the store seemed to be more interested in the miniature vacuum cleaner than the figurine that was holding it.




The figurine, holding the miniature vacuum cleaner, “Flame Arms: Girl Stiletto” is available for pre-order at the official Kotobukiya online store:




If you want to get the vacuum cleaner that started this whole affair, please visit Sharp’s official website:







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