Shiiing! Shashing! Vzzzzt! Swash! Slash! This is what you will hear when you take down your favorite Japanese cuisine with the popular Japanese samurai sword designed chopsticks.


This is a must-have for people visiting Japan and for those wielding the inner samurai spirit. Kotobukiya originally released 8 of these chopsticks in 2010, but over 30 new Katanas will be released starting in May.


The original 8 will have a couple of up-grades such as rubber grips and sword stands. These Kantana chopsticks are highly detailed and historically accurate. There are also several mythological and fictional Katanas as well.s




Even though it might go against the manners of chopstickery, you may find yourself using these things to reenact your favorite sword scene at the dinner table. If you are not excited about these chopsticks, you’ve got check out their hilarious commercial at I hope some time in the close future they make Cloud’s Sword Bust for FF7.

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