A new collaboration between Bandai and Otanjoubikai created a new series of special stamps for capsule toy vending machines. The new stamp series is called “Stamp on Stamp Hanko-san 2”. This is a new version of the first Hanko-san stamp series. 300 Yen per one, 5 different stamps to collect, the new Hanko-san series will be available at a capsule toy vending machine near you in Japan from July 14th.




The capsule toy machines, also known as Gachapon or Gachgacha, guarantee that with each try you get a toy. But you never know which one you are going to get. Usually you can find dozens of these machines in a corner of some mall or a big supermarket. The series of toys change frequently, so it’s always fun to check out the new toys.




In Japan, almost everyone needs a personal seal, or hanko in Japanese. When you go to the bank, when you sign a parcel that the mailman delivered, when filling official documents, and so on, you will be asked to sign with your own hanko.




How do you use this Hanko-san stamp, you ask? It’s unbelievably simple! You just press the Hanko-san stamp on a document, and then you press your personal seal in the blank space, which is usually the face. And there you have it: the Hanko-san body, and your name as its face! With 5 different Hanko-san stamps, you can express yourself with different emotions, and make your documents more interesting and unique.




During November last year, 50 company workers in Tokyo were asked in a survey what do they think about this product. 92% said that the stamps helped them communicate better with their coworkers. The participants also answered that the stamps improved the workers’ efficiency. So we absolutely recommend that you use these stamps at work!





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