I just had to bring you guys some crazy Otaku randomness. Hobby Stock the online toy store, created a neck pillow, like the ones you wear on airplanes. If I stop the story here, it wouldn’t really explain much and wouldn’t be much of a story, but as you can see this is no ordinary neck pillow. It’s a neck pillow filled with every otaku and fan boys dreams.




The front of the pillow has two female characters gigantically proportioned (in the right areas), wearing nothing but skimpy bikinis and headphones, and for some reason they have donut halos over their heads, (like you’d even noticed that). On the back of the pillow it displays the two character’s backsides, (well mid-section). The curvaceous character’s, Super Soniko-chan and Super Pochako-chan, were illustrated by the illustrator Tsuji Santa. You can buy you very own neck pillow at Hobby Stock for the generous price of 4,000 yen plus tax.

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