This Sunday April 12th, at Akihabara 3331 Arts Chiyoudai, the popular Japanese radio station FM-81.3 J-WAVE will do a live recording of their program TOKYO ROUND TABLE. Topics of discussion for this event, are present day Akihabara and the outlook for developement in the future. Also, special guest, Yuki Sakura from the underground idol group “Kamen Joshi” will join in on the discussion. I think this will be a fun and intriguing discussion, since Akihabara is the birthplace and HQ of the ever-spreading worldwide movement that is Otaku culture.


This is only an hour-long event starting from 16:00 to 17:30. So I guess people who didn’t have plans this weekend, now do. And for the people, who can’t stop by put down the i-pod and turn on the radio.


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