Beware of the Evil Kirby.

Kirby is one of the most iconic Japanese video game characters ever. His cute round body makes it easy for grade schoolers to draw him and his superpower is eating. Maybe that’s why he’s so popular.

Popular characters will surely come out as plush toys in Japan and Kirby is not an exception. By the way, have you ever tried and actually got something from winning a crane game? Trust me, the game is so addicting! It’s only 100 yen per try but be careful not to be drifted away by the thrill.

If you head over to one of the Bandai Namco arcades to challenge the thrill, you just might be in for a surprise. Well, maybe not so surprising anymore because Voice-actress and singer Hibiku Yamamura recently took to Twitter to share a snap of a Kirby crane game prize that doesn’t seem quite right.

It’s just a trick of reflection. A Kirby and a Gengar (a ghost Pokemon)  being adjacent to each other separated by a glass wall as the setup. Then with the right camera angle, you’ll get a nice fusion of the two. Surprisingly, another person from another region also commented that she had the same thing too.

Gengar is one of the most popular ghost Pokemon in the franchise and hence often fixtured at the arcades too.  His shape and size match Kirby’s a lot. And to the liking, the arcade games are positioned just right that his eyes and mouth transpose exactly over Kirby’s.

Twitter is a place of the internet, and internet is a place where everyone shares their own thought. Some commented on the thread that it looked creepy. Quote “A pink demon was birthed here” and “That’s a monster disguised in pink”. Others reached for farfetched comparisons such as Koro-Sensei and the Annoying Orange.

Twitter really is an interesting place, eh?

Source: @hibiku_yamamura



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