“Comiket 93” DAY 1 – More Cosplay from “Steins Gate” “ToHeart2” and “Girls’ Last Tour”

Continuing on our coverage of Comiket 93, here are more pics of cosplayers from DAY 1!
We saw staples like “Toho Project” to popular works like “FGO” “Bake Monogatari” “Steins Gate” “Girls’ Last Tour”. Gosh, FGO has been really popular for the past two years! Niche cosplays like Japanese comedians were also seen.


“Toho Project” Reimu Hakurei
Yuchio @yuchio13


“Fate/Grand Order” Neo-Pride
Misachasu @Misa33_15


“Bakemonogatari” Hanekawa Tsubasa


“Steins Gate” Makise Chris
Shibama Toka @Toka_030


 “Shironeko Project” Koyomi
Haruhi @yumemitai88


“Fate/Grand Order” Frankenstein
Iyonosuke @81O931



“Black Lagoon” Roberta


“Fate/Grand Order” Nero Bride
Akagi Kuro @akagikuro


Comedian Cosplay
Buruzon Chiemi and Hirano Nora


Skinny-macho Yukikaze


“POP TEAM EPIC” Pop-ko and Pipi-mi


FGO Chaos

“Girls’ Last Tour” Chiyo and Yuuri

“Azurlane” Laffy


“To Heart 2” HMX-17c Shilfa

“Fate/kaleid liner” Puriya Lancer

“Blend S”

Translated from Nandaka Omoshiroi

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