The official trailer for Bleach Live-Action has finally been released!

The trailer promotes some of the action scenes of the theatre where we could Ichigo, Byakuya, Ishida, Renji and Rukia in action. And for those who want to know, the BGM of the trailer is entitled “Mosquito Bite” by ALEXANDROS.


Furthermore, the official Twitter account of Bleach Live-Action stated that Fukushi Souta (the one who roleplays Ichigo) often listens to ALEXANDROS’s songs, which made him so happy to have their song as Bleach Live-Action’s BGM. “BLEACH×[ALEXANDROS] will be damn awesome!”, he said. Fukushi Souta also commented that being able to hear the full song enabled him to feel the momentum of Bleach because he thinks that the song really suits the movie’s atmosphere. Besides that, he also commented that he likes the lyrics as it portrays the struggle of growing up.

Teaser Images

Source: Nandaka Omoshiroi



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