You wake up to screams from down the road.  The werewolf has struck again, devouring the old lady down the street.  This can’t continue, you think, so you gather all the villagers around in the morning to try and figure out who the werewolf is… before it’s too late and you’re the one screaming in the night!

That’s the premise of the Werewolf Game, a beloved party game from Germany that was so popular in Shibuya that they’re opening a second shop in Akihabara!


I have fond memories of a similar game I’d play with friends at college called Mafia, so it’s great to see it spreading all over!  If karaoke isn’t your thing, or if you just want to mix it up, try the werewolf game out!

The Werewolf Room opens April 1st and is ¥2500 to rent a room for 3 hours, and an extra ¥500 for each half hour after that.  Game Masters working there in each room so everyone can play while they regulate.

Address: Sotokanda 5-6-15, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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