Don’t you just hate being that person who irritates everyone by clicking on his mouse in quiet places, such as the library or during an important meeting? Well, no need to worry any longer! With the new silent and wireless optical “Ninja Mouse”, that doesn’t make any clicking sounds, you will not feel awkward ever again!


This new mouse will be available for purchase at “Dospara Parts” and the “Shanghai Donya” stores in Akihabara, from June 30th, for 1,287 yen. This product can also be bought online on Rakuten and Yahoo shopping!


It has the kanji of “shinobu” 忍 on top, which is another name for a ninja. The character is written in calligraphy style and designed by Riho Iida, who is also the voice behind Rin Hoshizora of the anime “Love Live” and after a product test, it has been affirmed that it’s indeed as silent as a ninja!!


The mouse saves energy since it has the “invisible optical sensor” option. So the optical LED light cannot be seen. It operates on two AAA batteries (sold separately) and has a wireless dongle in the bottom, in order to prevent to get lost like a Ninja!


Source: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/n23783.html

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