Oh Eevee, how you bring back memories of a simpler time.


I was a rambunctious anime crazed high school student, spending weekends at a friend’s house; getting super charge off any sugar high or caffeinated drink as we went on anime watching binges, debating which Pokémon is the best and commanding my newly evolved buddy to hydro blast my foes before quietly slipping in pizza overdosed induced pizza-comas. Good times!

Any way, our cuddly squirrel/fox Pokémon just got a promotion. From April 23rd a variety of Eevee themed merchandise will be popping up in amusement establishments all over Japan spreading love in his path.





Look how smooth Eveee can evolve from a plush toy, towel, mug cup, character strap and even into a mini purse, all while rocking a Tyrolean design, making sure that the lady fans scream from uncontrollable excitement. Eevee you adorable rascal, you really out done you self this time. We love you too Eevee.

For  more information and great pics checkout:http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/m12805.html

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