KanColle Kai is a remake of the original Kantai Collection -KanColle- video game that has been optimized for the PS Vita and is set to go on sale 8/27.  In addition to new navigation features and user interface utilizing the hardware of the Vita, the game has also slightly shifted more towards a simulation-type game.


One of the new additions is the strategy screen seen below.  This screen divides the waters into hex-shaped areas so you can better visualize your fleet and strategy.  You can also select commands from the bar on the left including attack, move, end turn, and possibly more making it clear that it’s being developed as a turn-based standalone game.


If you reserve the game you’ll get a sweet KanColle Vita case, and if you reserve the special edition you’ll not only get the case, but figures of two of the girls as well!


August can’t come soon enough!


Price: Standard Edition ¥5,800  Special Edition ¥9,800

Official Site: http://www.kancolle-vita.com/index.php

For more pics and info: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/m12098.html

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