More and more noodle shops have been popping up in Akihabara recently making for a great variety of ramens, sobas, and more!  On the 18th a new ramen shop called Bukotsuya joined the battle!  They have been expanding out from where they started in Yokohama with shops in Tsurumi, Chigasaki, and Ebisu as well.


Something that sets this ramen shop apart is that it’s open all the way until 4am!  Most places pack up much earlier in Akiba, so it’s nice to have a place where you can quench your munchies late into the night.

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They’ve got a couple different flavors, plenty of spices, and some extras like gyozas and croquettes too.  Their specialty is tonkotsu or pork bone marrow flavor, which is my favorite because of its rich, flavorful delusciousness.  I mean, just try not to drool when you look at this!

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With a bowl running about ¥700 it won’t break the bank either.  Stop by and try some the next time you’re around Akiba!


Address: Sotokanda 3-14-10, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Hours: 11:00am~4:00am (Last order at 3:30am)

For more info and pictures:

Akiba Jigoku

Akiba Jigoku

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