Popular cosplay bar, Little BSD, is celebrating its 11th anniversary this month by releasing a new menu!


The company president explained, “When we opened 11 years ago cosplay was still a fresh and new concept, but now it has become commonplace here in Akihabara… so in addition to updating the menu, we are also aiming to make some noise with a high level of cosplay and design.”


One of the cool features of Little BSD is that the girls change costumes daily, always keeping it fresh.


Speaking of fresh, one of the new menu items is an “Ether” that lights up when poured!


Another is the basil sauce coated chicken roll called the “Worm Roll” with it’s distinct look!

Themed after the underworld, the menu has both cooking from the underworld and human world, that the various girls will come and serve you.  They are also revising the menu for foreign visitors, so we can go with confidence!


Address: Sotokanda 3-7-12 Isamiya Dai 8 Biru 4F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Hours: Weekdays 18:00~23:00, Friday 18:00~5am, Saturday 17:00~5am, Sunday and Holidays 17:00~23:00

For more great pics and info: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/ss013.html

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