On July 6th, a new Yokohama family ramen shop opened on Showa-Dori in Akihabara. Their standard ramen, 680 Yen per bowl, is a rich and creamy soup. Just as you’d expect of a family style ramen. Their medium thick noodles have deep taste and scent of wheat. Every day, from 10 AM until 6 PM, you can help yourself and have as much rice as you want from the “Rice Bar” to make your meal complete! What great hospitality.




The restaurant itself is quite spacious. There are 16 seats along the counter, and 24 other seats next to tables. 40 seats in total. The shop is open until 3 AM, so it is recommended to come and eat after drinking at your favorite bar or pub. Instead of the usual ticket machine for ordering the food, here you pay after you finish eating.




“Ikkakuya” Ramen Restaurant Information:

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Sakumachou 1-27, Ishinabe Building.

Tel: 03-3258-4008

Opening hours: Every day from 10 AM until 3 AM the next morning.





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