2 Potions and 2 Ethers Deep and Still Counting:
Final Fantasy Eorzea Café Level 3 (In Collaboration with Pasela)

It looks as if those Chocobos we parked outside are going to have to find their own way back home….
It’s not even noon and we’ve already guzzled down 1 full bottle of Elixir, a full bottle of Ether, 2 heaping glasses of potions, (what I believe to be) an Antidote of some sort, and an Italian soda laced with enough simple syrup and Yellow No. 5 to send an elephant into a cardiac arrhythmia.
All have fallen, K.O, Game Over, and there’s not enough gusto left in either of us to order a Phoenix-Down…
On this day let it be known that I yielded in a drunken and boisterous outcry of defeat, but still retain most of my honor in light that my conqueror was none other than the famed (Final Fantasy themed) Eorzea Café.








Final Fantasy Eorzea Café Level 3 (In Collaboration with Pasela) is yet another one of Akihabara’s renowned and well regarded themed cafés with an awesome twist for MMORPG fans of the long running series. The café itself is based upon décor from the Carline Canopy tavern from the 14th installment of the Final Fantasy series (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn) and sports a well inspired atmosphere, food and drink menu, and a cosplaying staff that’s sure to leave any diehard fan in gaped mouthed awe.

The menu offers much of what you might expect from a themed café (but of course with a FF spin) showcasing items like Ifrit Pizza, a Shiva Pasta, and Moogle Pancakes as well as a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks named and presented in the form of various items that can be found within the world of the game.

Though the food offerings on the menu didn’t seem to provide anything worth boasting over from the standpoints of both flavor and portion sizes, the presentations were overall pretty impressive and well represented as novelties from the game, and the dessert and drink menu truly showcased the charm of what the café has to offer. I can honestly say that (though they don’t come cheap) the beverages offered not only exceeded my expectations with great presentations, but also floored me with the fact that they’re all actually REALLY delicious…. and yes, I do mean ALL (hence my Chocobo having to navigate itself home without a rider). Being able to order a Megalixir from a bartender is admittedly pretty damn cool whether you’re an FF fan or not, and having said Megalixir mixed to perfection with quality gin and a twist of lemon is a definite game changer!

I suppose one of the biggest draws of Erozea for fans is the fact that in-between Cactuar parfaits and Elixir shots you can take some time out to hone your skills on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn by using one of the many computers offered at the café, but even for those unfamiliar with the MMORPG will find it easy to enjoy many of the other before mentioned aesthetics that the café has to offer.

Though space is very limited and reservations are a must, Eorzea is a definite must stop spot for all Final Fantasy fans and unarguably reaches towards the upper tier of what most themed cafés have to offer in general. I highly suggest reviewing the online menus in advance before arriving to the café for all first timers, and also recommend that you try at least one item from every category on the menu (Appetizer, Main, Dessert, and Drink) to get a good feel of the great experience Eorzea has to offer.
Don’t forget your camera



And definitely don’t forget your wallet,

(Finishes Ether) “Cab please”….

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