On the 10th of July, the “Curry Soup Kamui” curry restaurant offered special natto curry for only 150 minutes, from 5 PM. 30 minutes before the limited edition dish was served, there was already a line of waiting customers outside.




The Double Meat Hokkaido Natto Curry was sold 1100 Yen per serving. Each customer who ordered this special dish, got an original plastic folder as a present!




The collaboration was between Naito Food Industry and Kamui natto of Kitano Kamui. According to the promotional poster, the special and rare natto curry will be served across Japan for limited periods of times.




Now let’s talk natto curry soup! Kamui natto is actually not as smelly as most natto brands are. The natto and curry soup were actually in perfect harmony of texture and flavor. The natto itself was good enough on its on. The soup also contained chicken and pork. The meat was extremely tender and had a nice aroma.




If you ever go to Hokkaido, please try the famous Kamui natto!


Store Information:

Soup Curry Kamui

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Sudachou 2-125.

Tel: 03-3258-5858

Official website: http://www.soupcurry-kamui.com/


Please visit the Naito Food Industry official homepage:



And the Kitano Kamui website:





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