On July 7th, a new bar in collaboration with “Chain Chronicle” opened in Akihabara. In addition, there was a tasting event held for the press on the 12th. Hikaru Midorikawa, the voice actor, and Saki Suzuki, the “talent” celeb, were there to judge the new bar’s original menu. The temporary bar will close after August 2nd.  


As you all know, “Chain Chronicle” is a popular game made by Sega. In the spirit of the game, waitress wearing maid uniforms served dozens of different dishes inspired by “Chain Chronicle”. The reporters and the celebrity guests with impressed with the presentation and the taste of the food.  


Among the dishes were interesting items on the menu. Such as “Boma Boma Bakudan” for 1000G, or 1000 Yen. These may seem like innocent takoyaki, but when you take a bite, there are curry and gratin sauces inside them! Another popular dish was the “Doll Omurice”, rice topped with hot and runny omelet (850 Yen), that you can decorate it yourself using ketchup and green mayonnaise! For 800 Yen, you could get the colorful “Stamina no Mi” special drink.  



Bar information:

Opening hours: 12:00-23:00. On Fridays and Saturdays until 17:00.

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Soto Kanda 1-14-3, Denpa Kaikan 2nd floor.  



For more information, please visit the official website:





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