Hello again everyone, Nate here.  The first time I ever visited Akihabara I remember walking up and down the main street, just taking in the many new and exciting views.  One of the things that was completely new to me was called a maid café.  All I really knew was that you get waited on by a cute girl dressed like a maid and maybe play some games and eat food.  For my first time in Akiba it was a bit too intimidating for me, but now that I’m back in town, I put on my big boy pants and checked out one of the biggest maid cafés in Akihabara (and the world), @HomeCafé!

@HomeCafé is one of the largest and longest-standing maid cafés in Akiba having been around for over 10 years with multiple locations, and with a lineup of over 170 maids!  I visited the main café of their four cafés, and was attended to by the forever 17-years-old Hitomi, one of the top maids who is from a field of flowers, loves ribbons, things that sparkle, and anything cutems, and also packs a mean right straight.  That’s one of my favorite things about @HomeCafé, you leave any inhibitions or disbelief at the door and just have a great time being yourself without worrying about any judgment (as you can see by some of my wonderful expressions in the pictures).

The long-awaited homecoming

When you first enter, you’re warmly welcomed home by the lovely maids with a “お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様/お嬢様 (Welcome home, Master/Princess)!” before being guided to your seat.

You are then brought a menu full of interesting and cute entrées, desserts, and drinks.  As the Master, I decided to treat myself to something special and went with the Master’s Lunch, Mofumofu Toy Poo(dle) Cake for dessert, and the Furifuri Shakashaka Mixed Juchu (Juice, but said in a cuter way).  You’re then brought your food and that’s when the magic happens, literally.   Looking at my Master’s Lunch, I really loved the attention to detail that went into it.  Did you ever have your mom draw pictures with the syrup on your pancakes or frosting on your toaster strudel?  I did from time-to-time and it always made it taste better for some reason.  Must be the love. 

  • At Home Cafe Akihabara
  Well, they’ve taken that to the next level here at @HomeCafé as you can see with the hamburg made to look like a bear, having 萌え(moe; a word you can’t help but utter when overwhelmed with cuteness) written on the omelet, and the great skill that turned my pancakes into a fluffy toy poodle.  I was drooling from the moment they brought it out and was about to dig in and destroy the beautiful art in a frenzy of feasting, but was surprised to be abruptly stopped.  Apparently there was one more thing we needed to do to the food before we could eat it, and that was to cast a spell on it to make it more delicious.


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Now I’m not one to dabble in the dark arts of witchcraft and wizardry, but doggone it, I do believe it worked.

Go easy on them, or go for the gold?

Once I was satiated with sustenance I opted to try my hand at a game with Hitomi to see if I could beat her and win a prize.  The game we played?  The all-time classic, Crocodile Dentist, or as it’s called at @HomeCafé, the Super Ouchy Crocodile Game!  Ever the competitor, I went on a tear breaking out to an early lead of 2-7 (times you get bit), but the law of averages started to catch up with me before avoiding the choke with a score of 5-7.  To the victor go the spoils so I got a special token to use in the gumball machine and what did I win?

  • At Home Cafe cute maid


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This is a pen!

My fantasy time was winding down, but not before one last activity: picture time!  Like I said earlier, you just need to check your pride at the door and let loose, so I went for the ultra-cute kitty accessories and looked totally kawaii~ (cute)!

@Home Cafe picture time

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Before leaving I was issued my very own “Licence of Your Majesty” (British English for license) to show everyone that I’m the boss.  Feeling reinvigorated and ready to take on any challenge that may come knowing I have a warm home to come back to anytime, I was on my way with well wishes from Hitomi.

  • At Home Cafe maid cafe

Closing Thoughts

I was apprehensive to go to a maid café since I really didn’t know what to expect, but I’m the kind of guy to release his inhibitions so I ended up having a great time.  You might be embarrassed at first, but that adds to the charm of the entire maid café experience as you are coerced out of your shell.  The barriers that we put up each day hold us back and dim our emotions, so to overcome that, I recommend a visit to @HomeCafé to put the pep back in your step and enjoy everything that life brings you!


ShopName@Home Café
AddressSotokanda 1-11-4, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TimeWeekdays 11:30~22:00
Saturday 10:30~22:00
Sunday and Holidays 10:30~22:00
Last Order Food: 20:50 Drink: 21:20
Regular holidayIrregular
= English OK
= Smoking OK
= Vegetarian Menu
= WIFI Available
= Credit Cards Accepted

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