FGO Minamoto no Raikou scale figure

BellFine company has announced their awesome new scale figure! Minamoto no Raikou, a Berserker-class Servant in Fate/Grand Order is now available as a scale figure with a total length of 250mm which is about 1/7 of her actual height. The scale figure is carefully made based on the original illustration. The purple costume, hair, weapons, even parts of the feet, everything is neatly formed. Besides, the scale figure comes in with detachable weapons such as the bow and the quiver. But here’s the fun part. The cloth covering her chest is also detachable! Now we can finally see bobs! Come on guys, let’s get real here. You clicked the title because of the thumbnail, right? No one looks at Raikou in her face. ಠ ּ͜೦

Alright, alright, with that being said, I would like to tell you guys that she will be available for purchase in July 2018. But she does not come in cheap though. You will need to pay ¥18,144 (tax included) before you get one of yours. 😉

Detailed information

Manufacturer: BellFine Company

Release month: scheduled for July 2018

Price: ¥18,144 (tax included)

Product form: PVC painted finished product

Materials: PVC, ABS

Prototype Production: Ikurie Corporation

Coloring: Sakura (佐倉)

Target age: 15 years old and above



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