During the period from Friday May 15th through Sunday, the 31st, the Sengoku style Maidcafé and Bar “Mononopu” (もののぷ) will run a collabo with the new smartphone RPG “Astral Gazer“ (アストラルゲイザー) by AltPlus Inc.


The collaboration of the Maidcafé and “Astral Gazer” was announced at a press event on May 15th.
During the collaboration period, the Maidcafé / Bar “Mononopu” will run promotion videos and offer a special menu called the “Combo Menu”. All those who order the “Combo Menu” will get the chance to scoop a prize in the raffle, such as limited edition badges! In addition there´ll be “Astral Gazer“ item codes that can be used for the in-game characters.
On a side note, the “Astral Gazer” game is also currently running a collaboration with the the movie “Tensai Bakavon Yomigaeru Flanders no Inu” (天才バカヴォン ~蘇るフランダースの犬~) whose famous character “Bakabon no Papa” (バカボンのパパ) showed up at the press event and gave the audience and the performing Maids a fun time!


The Collabo Drinks (both 1100 Yen):

left: 狐仙ネロカクテル

right: 聖人マーリンカクテル



The Collabo Food:

left: Demon Crimson Yoshitsune Bowl (鬼紅蓮ヨシツネ丼), 1650 Yen

right: Eel Dog (ウナギドッグ), 1400 Yen


The raffle prize: Badges



Event Summary:

“ASTRAL GAZER” × “Mononopu” Collabo Event

  • Location: Sengoku maid cafe & bar Monopupu (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sotokanda 4-6-2 ,Isuzu Building 5F)
  • Period: May 15 (Fri) – May 31 (Sun)
  • Webpage: http: //mononopu.net/archives/1816065.html
  • “Astral Gazer” official HP: http: //www.astralgazer.jp/


Source: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/n16774.html

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