Take a bite into Persona 5

Atlus’s Persona 5 is invading Princess Cafes throughout Japan. Dates and the locations for the cafe follows:

Sapporo #1 Princess Cafe: May 9 to June 15, 2017

Nagoya Station Front Princess Cafe: May 2 to June 15, 2017

Fukuoka #1 Princess Cafe: May 27 to June 29, 2017

Ikebukuro New Princess Cafe: April 29 to June 15, 2017

Osaka Princess Cafe: May 9 to June 15, 2017

For this collaboration, the Princess Cafes offer an array Persona 5 themed food and drinks along with limited-time goods.


Persona 5 collaboration menu (Photo Credit: Princess Cafe)


Collaboration drink menu (Photo Credit: Princess Cafe)


Collaboration goods menu (Photo Credit: Princess Cafe)

Video game correspondents Ryan Kirkland and Brenda Zavala visited the Osaka Princess Cafe this past weekend and reported back to Around Akiba.

Unlike most collaboration cafes, the Person 5 Osaka Princess Cafe did not require reservations and had better than average food. Each order also comes with a limited edition coaster and placemat. However, because the Princess Cafe made it a more casual dining experience, it lacked the games and festiveness of Animate collaboration cafes. However, they do include cutouts and plenty of Persona 5 decor for great photos and selfies.

  • Osaka Princess Cafe
    Igor, Caroline, and Justine for picture perfect moments (Photo Credit: Brenda Zavala)
  • Osaka Princess Cafe
    Persona 5 decor (Photo Credit: Ryan Kirkland)
  • Osaka Princess Cafe
    Sit by your favorite Persona 5 character (Photo Credit: Ryan Kirkland)
  • Osaka Princess Cafe
    Persona 5 window (Photo Credit: Ryan Kirkland)

Highlights of the menu include…..

Igor’s drink, a blueberry soda and a scoop of orange ice cream, glows in the dark. Be careful not to drink the glowing cube that blends in with the ice cubes. Around Akiba recommends this drink for those who want an otherworldly, Velvet Room experience. (Photo Credit: Brenda Zavala)


Based on the celebratory buffet meal the Protagonist goes to with Ryuuji and Ann, the Morgana “Leave it to Me!” Buffet Plate is a good combo if you want sweet and savory. The plate comes with white rice, salmon, roast beef, and strawberry shortcake. The Protagonist’s character drink is iced coffee topped with whipped cream and chocolate. (Photo Credit: Brenda Zavala)


The Princess Cafe brings Sojiro Sakura’s signature curry to life.  Perhaps it can help your allies SP in real life as well. (Photo Credit: Brenda Zavala)

Reasonably priced compared to other cafes and lacking reservation, the Princess Cafe collaboration cafe nurtures a relaxing dining experience perfect for a break from playing Persona 5.

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