We visited the C3 AFA HONG KONG 2018 which took place from the 9th until the 11th of February 2018 in Hong Kong.  Many new figurines from the popular anime Fate/Grand Order (FGO) were on display.

Fate/Grand Order(FGO)figure

There have also been many figurines from Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/EXTELLA. Here are some of the highlight figures from various Japanese manufacturers. Aniplex had the most figures from the Fate series.

Fate/Grand Order(FGO)Mordred figureFate/Grand Order(FGO)Mordred figureFate/Grand Order(FGO) figureFate/Grand Order(FGO)Archer figureFate/Grand Order(FGO)Mash Kyrielight Grand New Year Fate/Grand Order(FGO)Mash Kyrielight Grand New YearFate/Grand Order(FGO)Saber Journey to EnglandFate/Grand Order(FGO) figures


Fate/Grand Order(FGO)Alphamax Fate/Grand Order(FGO)Alphamax

Fate/Grand Order(FGO)

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