July 2nd is Tsumugi Kotobuki’s birthday. The official “Animaru” shopping site offers a special campaign to celebrate this happy occasion. 555 customers who make a purchase of over 5000 yen at the “Animaru” online store will get special golden metal birthday cards.




For 6,100 Yen, you can get the Mugi-chan Birthday pocket-watch. It has a gothic style design, and Mugi’s face is printed on the surface. The little heart charm, which comes with this watch, bears a birthday message for Mugi-chan. This is a limited edition item, so it is available for order until the 27th of July! Only at the “Animaru” online store! After placing your order, the watch will arrive at your home during October.




Also, until July 27th, there is a special limited edition Mugi-chan birthday pendant available for pre-order. The front is decorated with Mugi-chan’s keyboard and a birthday message. On the back is the band’s symbol. This pendant costs 8000 Yen.




Another item is the cute coaster and mug set for 1500 Yen. How about the 14,800 Yen leather wallet? There is a set of 3 Mugi-chan’s birthday badges for 1200 Yen, as well. Or a 3,300 Yen suede tapestry. A seat cushion for 5300 Yen, anyone? There are many more special K-On! merchandise at “Animaru”, so be sure to check them all out!





To the K-On! merchandise page at “Animaru”:



The official “Animaru” homepage for other anime goodies:






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