The visual novel powerhouse KEY, that brought you such amazing games such as Kannon, Clanned, Air, and the comedy-drama anime Angels Beats! had their 15th year anniversary event, “KEY 15th FES”. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the 15 years that KEY has been in the game, and also to advertise the Angel Beats! video game series, which is planned to be released May 29th of this year. KEY 15th FES was held at two different venues in Akihabara, Bellesalle for Akiba Base and Differ Ariake for KSL Live World.


Like other events there were cute girls doing cosplay of some of KEY’s popular characters, there were booths selling limited edition merchandise, exhibits, talk shows, and scrumptious vender food. Plus there were the two cars decaled with vibrant “Angle Beats!” characters, that I could see myself in cruising the mean streets of Tokyo. In Akihabra there is never a dull day.





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