Things that nobody ever told you about Comiket!



“Go to Comiket, they said. It’ll be fun, they said”.


With only a month to go before the annual Comiket event, on Twitter Comiket veterans share their wisdom and experience with the newbies who will attend the event for the first time. Tagged with the hashtag #Daremo oshiete kurenai Comiket no joushiki (“basic information that nobody ever bothered to tell me about Comiket”), experienced Comiket visitors twit valuable information.


Here are some of the twits we thought were most interesting.

The 10 Commandments of Comiket, if you will.


1. Most of the Comiket staff are volunteers, and some of them actually lose money, rather than earn it, by participating in Comicket. So don’t go there expecting to be treated as “most honorable customer-sama”!

2. About half of the things you should know about the event can be found on the “Tips” section of the Comicket catalogue. So please be sure to carefully read them before going.

3. Better take the bus from Hamamatsu that goes straight to Comicket. Since it goes through the Rainbow Bridge, it is much quicker than actually going to the event from Tokyo. And this bus goes straight into the site of Comicket, so it saves you the torturous walk in the scorching heat from the train station to the event!

4. Make sure you bring all your spending money in small change. Don’t bring 10,000 Yen bills, because it takes them forever to get you your change back!

5. Use this route on the map to move from the East tower to the West tower!



6. There is no guarantee that the vendors in stalls are the manga artists themselves. You have be warned!

7. It’s always so hot during Comicket. So please bring electric fans and coolers stocked with cold drinks and cold towels!

8. Don’t expect the vendors to know who you are, even if you guys are BFFs on Twitter. The vendors are busy and don’t have time to guess who you are. So better prepare your Twitter user profile pic ready on your smartphone, so they might recognize you.

9. Don’t get too excited in front of your favorite doujinshi artist. Most of them are very shy. Twit them after the event to make things less awkward!

10. Cosplayers! Be careful of this kind of guys!








For more information, please visit the official Comicket homepage:




Akiba Jigoku

Akiba Jigoku

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