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A new concept café is open for only a few days, at the rental space “Seventh Heaven” in Akihabara. From July 20th until 23rd, the place will turn into “Akiba Umi no Ie”, or Akiba Beach Hut Cafe. You can enjoy the beach food, drinks and swimsuits, without getting sand in your shoes! Or getting sunburned…




For this event, cosplayers in swimsuits will serve the customers, just like maids in a Maid Café. Each day of the event, the cosplayers and the theme of the swimsuit will change. The first day will be “Submarine Day”. What does that mean? School swimsuits? Let’s go inside and find out!




Each table has a seat for one person, and both the table and the chair are inside a kiddy plastic pool with water. The idea behind this is that the customers can soak their feet in the water, cool down, relax and feel like a VIP. Chlorine scent included, for completing the pool experience, and for sanitary reasons.




The food is quite superb. For 850 Yen, you can get the “Yakisoba Oomori” (“Extra Large Fried Noodles”). This is quite a big portion, like a mountain of fried noodles with lots of veggies and pork slices. It might be even too much for some people, so we recommend that you share one serving with a friend. Or you can get the Frankfurt Moriawase platter. For 600 Yen, you are served 4 different sausages, and a super hot sauce made of various peppers including chili, habanero, and jalapeno! There is also “Kakigoori” (shaved ice) for 300 Yen and original cocktails. Everything on the menu is reasonably priced at the Akiba Beach Hut Cafe. 




Café information:


Opening hours: 13:00-21:00 on the 20th, and 17:00-21:00 on the 21st-23rd.

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Soto Kanda 3-6-17. “Seventh Heaven”.




For more information, please visit the official homepage of the café:







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