Joyful times for “Angel Beats” fans! There is an official “Angel Beats -1st Beat-“ event going on in Akihabara from June 19th until the 2nd of July!

The event takes place in front of the Softmap computer store and there will be an Angel Beats themed car, driving through Akihabara in order to promote the new game: “Angel Beats – 1st Beat –“. ALSO there are special give away booklets and badges up for grabs!

The Angel Beats car started its voyage around Japan on April 2015, as a part of the “Operation Iron Beast” promotion the new game. The car’s journey began in Hokkaido and went all the way down south. The mission was completed on June 22nd, safely arriving in Akihabara!


The sales event of the new Game will be held in Osaka and in Tokyo, where the Tokyo event is taking place at Softmap Amusement Kan in Akihabara. Participants, who have a proof of purchasing the game, will get a special booklet as a memento of this event! Those who have a proof of purchasing the game and additonally wear Angle Beats related T-shirts will also get special badges! (If you don’t own an Angel Beats T-shirt, you can get one at “G-Store”).


201506220003-30From June 19th until the 2nd of July “G-Store” will also join the Angel Beats craze and run a special exhibition display of Angel Beats at the store, so you can shop and admire the artworks at the same time!


Source: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/m22774.html

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