Our friends from 1up the Akihabara magazine, have done the impossible!

1_6-7-683x1024Usually taking pics of the maids on “Maid Street” in Akihabara is prohibit, but the people from 1up, (those lucky dogs) were able to do an exclusive photo shoot with 51 Akihabara maids from 17 different venues. As you know the life of a maid is quite busy, so 1up only had 5 mins for each maid, photo shooting for 4 hours straight. (4 hours of heaven) Even if you are not into the maid café culture, after looking at these pics that might change.





Again as I have said in previous articles, I’m really feeling the Ninja maids.


For more cool pics please checkout: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/ss029.html

1UP Information Center

1UP Information Center

This post was made possible by the generous efforts of the 1UP Information Center. Delivering the latest on anime, games, hobbies, electronics, cosplay, and cuisine from Akihabara before all the others.

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