Does Akihabara = Maid Cafés? How Long is a Maid´s Skirt?? Does Every Maid Café Sell Omuraisu?

“Akihabara 1UP“ Has All the Answers for You!


The team of the free Akihabara information magazine “1UP” (アキバ情報フリーマガジン1UP), has done some serious investigation on a couple of questions that stroke them as necessary (trivial) Akihabara knowledge…


Akihabara = Maid Cafés?

With “Otaku” (Nerds) and “Maid Cafés” being the first thing coming to mind when talking about geek central Akihabara, the “1UP” team checked out the many types of cafés Akihabara is boasting, to find out how many of those are actual “Maid Cafés”.

After having a close look on the various “Concept Cafés” with themes such as Pirates, Ninjas or historical Japan styles, café´s that explicitly stated to be a Maid Cafés on their websites, turned out to be surprisingly low! Only 44 shops where found to be actual Maid Cafés! After adding all Concept Cafés and Maid Cafés together, the number of 100 shops still appears to be quiet low. If we do the math with about 10 Maids per café, we see though, that Akihabara is a home to roughly 1000 Maids!





Does every Maid Café sell “Omuraisu”?

When talking about food at Maid Cafés, the utmost typical food is “Omuraisu”. Typically Omuraisu is being pimped by the Maids, who show off their artistic finesse by drawing sometimes basic and cute and sometimes extremely detailed “Ketch-up Art” on your omelette! The Omuraisu cliché sticks to the Maid Cafés like paper and glue, so the team of 1UP took a closer look on how much truth there is to the assumption of Maid Cafés = Omuraisu Paradise. And the results of the Omuraisu research didn´t disappoint, proving a 100% availability of Omuraisu at all Maid Cafés with an average price of 1,100 Yen!




How long is a Maid´s skirt please?

To conclude their ground-breaking investigations and for the sake of science, the 1UP team also thoroughly researched on the length of Maid skirts, because, that´s important, right?

The rocket scientists of team 1UP found that out of 73 Akiba Maids´skirts, 72 had an average of 16.4cm above the knee, and only one was wearing a long skirt. What enlightenment! Thank you, “1UP”!


If you´re walking around Akihabara, taking a closer look at Maid Cafés (for science, of course) and happen to find the free Akihabara Magazine “1UP”, you´ll find this article´s original version and many other useful tips for example on shops in Akihabara in it (only Japanese!).



1UP Information Center

1UP Information Center

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