Our Good Friend “1up” Japanese free paper that reports on the wonderful world of Akihabara, their third addition of Akiba Girls Collection (GaruKore). GaruKore is a photo collection of all the kawaii maid, anime, game, and companion cosplayers that work at various venues in Akihabra. Nothing much more to say in this article, cute cosplayers’ is enough.






Cosplayers are like Pokémon you got to catch (take pictures of) them all! But I have to admit, I’m feeling the Ninja Café cosplay.


For more awesome pics please check out: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/ss019.html

1UP Information Center

1UP Information Center

This post was made possible by the generous efforts of the 1UP Information Center. Delivering the latest on anime, games, hobbies, electronics, cosplay, and cuisine from Akihabara before all the others.

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