A special Yowamushi Pedal twitter campaign was introduced on March 27th, to promote the Minano Kuji Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road High Revolution raffle that starts this July.





The prizes you can win from the campaign range from an Arakita figure, plush toys, and character straps. There are 8 categories of prizes and 20 different types of prizes in all.






Top prize is the Arakita figure, mid prizes are the plush toys and bottom prizes are the character straps. The cut off date to participate in the twitter campaign is May 17th.




The Minano Kuji Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road High Revolution raffle is designed so that you always win something. So if you don’t win a prize through the twitter campaign you can definitely get a prize from the actual raffle in July.



Raffle page http://minkuji.com/item/itemgroup_detail/36?utm_source=pr&utm_medium=release1&utm_campaign=2015_yowapeda

Twitter Page https://twitter.com/minnanokuji

Also, check here for more great pics and info: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/m12079.html

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