Comedy in anime is often very hit-or-miss. However, occasionally, you’ll find a show that perfectly clicks with your sense of humor. Here’s some advice: if you stumble onto one of these, grab hold of it and never let go! Below, we’ve covered six of the most consistently funny anime to watch when you’re feeling in need of a little laughter.


Sentai Filmworks

Gintama is famous for its unique brand of absurdist humor. Imagine if Cowboy Bebop was about really, really bad samurai and you’re halfway there. This show has it all: using your boss as a snowboard, messing with the flow of time, and even some meta jokes about not walking on animation cells. The best thing about Gintama is how it can surprise you with every one of its 100+ episodes.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

daily lives of highschool boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys is exactly what you’d expect. The jokes tend to be a little more risqué than you’d find elsewhere, but there are moments that will leave you in stitches. Take the infamous chest-shaving scene, for instance, or when the boys try to find love by emulating cool and aloof anime characters. With just 12 episodes, the truly dedicated can finish this show in a single sitting.

Cromartie High School

cromartie high school freddie
Production IG

The main character is moved to a school for delinquents. What could go wrong? Cromartie High School features an incredibly varied cast including a crime-fighting robot and a student who just happens to be identical to Queen’s Freddie Mercury. Fans of the Yakuza series will find that this show has a very similar brand of humor, bordering on the surreal at times. If you’re new to comedy anime, this one is a must-watch.

The Devil is a Part-Timer

the devil is a part-timer
White Fox

After an uprising causes him to flee his home world, the devil comes to Earth, plotting to take over. There’s one problem: he doesn’t have any money or a plan. This anime expertly blends the slice-of-life genre with some fantastic comedy and truly heartfelt moments. Sure, he might have been a bad guy elsewhere but you can’t deny that the devil is the best thing that’s ever happened to his local branch of McDonalds.


konosuba cabbage
Studio Deen

Sick of shows like Sword Art Online? KonoSuba takes all the tropes and turns them on their head! The cast includes a mage who can only use one spell before passing out, a goddess who has no useful powers, and a paladin who loves pain. With wacky, unpredictable storylines and a tendency to stretch the limits of the genre as far as they’ll go, KonoSuba is an extremely popular show with two seasons you can watch right now.


barakamon katakana
Kinema Citrus

Barakamon highlights the day-to-day comedy in country living. It’s primarily a feel-good show, but there are some truly hilarious moments, like when a child first learns to read katakana and shows off to her friends. It might be a little slow-paced, but Barakamon offers a finely tuned blend of comedy and wholesomeness. Simply, this is the show to watch if you’re having a bad day.

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