Now, you too, can purchase the latest model of limited edition “Portrait.Of.Pirates”, a high quality figurine series of One Piece, at the Bandai official shopping site, “Premium Bandai”. Introducing the new and improved “Ver.BB” series figurine of Nami from One Piece.


The popular character is portrayed sitting in a natural pose, clad in a daring bikini. Nami’s figurine has a beautiful curvy body that must be the envy of every woman on the planet. In her unbearably sexy appearance like you have never seen her before, this new and charming figurine of Nami is unforgettable.


The “Ver.BB” figurine marks the beginning of a new series, which goes back to the original limited edition P.O.P (Portraits.Of.Pirates) of the One Piece series. “BB” stands for “Bathing Beauty”. Nami’s “Ver.BB” figurine shows her as she appears in the “One Piece Film Z” movie, which was seen by over 5 million viewers, wearing a colorful swimsuit. This little minx is the girl for you. If you are into women made of plastic. That are only 13 centimeters tall. We won’t judge. Well, maybe just a little.


The 1:8 scale model of Nami is made of mostly PVC and partly ABS. You can get her for 9,072 yen, taxes included but not including handling fees. Nami’s figurine is available for pre-order online since June 12th 1 PM. The actual shipment of the product will start at the end of September this year. You can view the figurine at the Bandai online store by clicking this link:



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