Italy you lucky dog!

In May the Italian TV station RTI will start airing the new “LUPIN the Third” anime series preparing for a Japanese release in the fall. The first original series in 30 years will show the activities of LUPIN and his crew in the Republic of San Marino, Italy.  Along with LUPIN the Third, his crew, and the determined Zinigata Keibu, there will also be some new characters introduced.


Everyone get this… they are changing LUPIN’S iconic red jacket (once again) to a blue jacket. Why you might ask? Well according a survey, when Italians were asked, “What color jacket do you think LUPIN would look good in” the majority said blue. So I guess blue is in this year.

You might also be wondering when will we be able to watch it Japan. Well don’t get your undies in a bunch people; Japan will air the new LUPIN the 3rd series this fall (2015). So I suggest if you have not watched the prior series or movie this is a great opportunity to do so. You can also look forward to the newly recorded theme song.

Japan recently released the promotion video of the new series and you can check it out here,

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Akiba Jigoku

Akiba Jigoku

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