Design 1


“Lumica”, which is famous for its production of “concert pen lights”, will go on sale with a “Miss Monochrome” collabo product from June 1st!

Miss Monochrome (ミス・モノクローム) is a character created and voiced by Japanese singer and voice actress Yui Horie (堀江由衣), that had her first appearance as a 3D virtual singer in March 2012 (Hatsune Miku style).



Design 2


To celebrate its most popular model, the ”LUMICA LUMIACE 2” (ルミカ ルミエース2) , Lumica is going to release the Miss Monochrome special edition, coming in 2 designs!



  • 12 colors: Red, White, Sakura Pink, Pink, Passion Pink, Violet, Blue, Pastel Blue, Emerald Green, Green, Yellow and Orange.
  • The color changes every time you press the forward or backward button
  • You can skip to your favorite color with the new “Color Memory Function” button!
  • Size: Approximately 25cm long
  • Hand Strap Included
  • Price (tax excl.): 3,000 Yen


Here´s an instruction video on how to program the colors on the Lumica Lumiace2 😉

Buy your Lumica on the official shop page:



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