There’s a chocolate-filled wafer cookie sandwich called Bikkuriman in Japan that has been around for a long time.  But more than the delicious treat, it’s known for it’s awesome holofoil stickers!  Each package comes with one, and sometimes they do limited edition collaborations, like they are now with Hatsune Miku!  Part of the Hatsune Miku campaign that started on the 10th at Family Mart, the Mikkuriman collaboration is just the start.


You don’t know which sticker you’ll get, so it’s a fun and sometimes frustrating experience to get them all!  Each package is ¥120 and there are 14 different stickers in this set.

Look how cute Miku is with her yukata on!



They are limited, so hurry to your nearest Family Mart if you want to collect them all!


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