Voice actress Tatsumi Yuiko announced her marriage with a non-celebrity man on her blog “Yuiko no Hinata Michi.”

Yuiko Tatsumi is a female voice actress belonging to “I’m enterprise”. She has been featured in various works of anime such as Riko Suminoe in “kiss×sis”, Mio Nishizono in “Little Busters!”, Shima in “Etotama”, and Shizuku Kitayama in “The Irregular at Magic High School”.

In her blog entry titled “Greetings and Announcement,” she wrote that she “just got married to a non-celebrity man.” Expressing that “I didn’t think I would be married one day… I myself am the most surprised,” she continued that she “will continue her job” in voice acting.

Translated from Nandaka Omoshiroi