“Love Live” (ラブライブ!) Anime fans, listen up! From Friday June 13th, Special Edition Love Live and “Kutsushita Ya” (靴下屋) collaboration “School Socks” will be hitting the Kutsushita Ya shops!



You can get your own pair of socks at all Kutsushita Ya shops in Tokyo, but the Akihabara store has been announced as the the one with the widest variety of products and a special fan sales area in the entrance area of Atre (アトレ) Akihabara on the first floor!

There will be a display of all “μ’s” members and a sales stand for the Special Edition socks only on the weekend of June 12th until the 14th where buyers will get a clear file of the character matching their purchased socks.


Because these Special Edition socks, which come in 3 different styles and 9 different embroidery designs (one for each character), will only be produced in certain quantities, it´s highly recommended to get them quickly before they´re sold out! Other than that, It´s recommended to go there in the morning of Friday the 12th, if you want to take a picture of the “μ’s” display, because it might be less crowded!


Source: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/m20251.html

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