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For the uninitiated, anime can be confusing. It’s full of tropes, determined character types and over-the-top plot lines that can be confusing, even off-putting to newcomers. To hook newcomers, a show has to hit that sweet spot of fast pacing, strong plot and a memorable soundtrack. Does Studio Bone’s adaptation of My Hero Academia hold up as a show ideal for beginners? Let’s take a look.

How does My Hero Academia hold up?

Unlike the most popular shōnen shows, My Hero Academia will be 23 episodes long. As such, the plot cuts straight to the point – everything the main character does either furthers the story or provides background to the world he lives in and the people he meets.

The overarching plot can be summed up very quickly. In a world full of people with superpowers, Midoriya has none. Midoriya’s goal is simple: become a hero. He’s an instant underdog, made more likable by his unyielding focus and desire to make his dream become reality, no matter what. The other characters may be a little simplistic, but every one of them, particularly his idol, All Might, is relatable and has realistic motivations.

There are no Dragon Ball-style filler episodes. Every fight is over in under two episodes, animated with a breath-taking fluidity that lets the viewers FEEL the power and effort in every attack. Coupled with a fantastically energetic soundtrack, the battles leave the audience on the edge of their seats. Even though the good guys will probably win, in the heat of the moment, it feels like anything could happen.

This is a series best watched in a couple of sittings. The audience is aware that Midoriya and his friends are just students, unprepared for the brutal world outside of their school. But watching them grow from newbies to elite fighters is half the attraction of this show. The teachers’ fight sequences give a glimpse of the power they will one day have.

The Verdict

At its heart, My Hero Academia is a story about fulfilling ambitions in the face of adversity. Its cast is lovable and well-rounded, story intense and well-paced and soundtrack, phenomenal. My Hero Academia’s one of the best shows this season, and sure to be a great anime for a beginner to watch. There’s more than just Attack on Titan out there.

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