Coming May, Banpresto the toy distribution company that brings you the “Hazure nai”(no losers) Ichiban Kuji raffles will start the “Ichiban Kuji Haikyu!! Gekitou Zenryoku!〜Kyukei Zenryoku!” raffle to promote the exciting volleyball manga and anime “Haikyu!!”. The theme of the raffle is “Play Hard” “Work Hard”. There are tons of Haikyu!! prizes you can win like a cute Hinata crow cushion, towels, action posing chibi figures, character straps, posters, pouches, and more.201504160002-1




There are 30 different kinds of items in all, which are divided into 9 prize levels. The prizes are not only of Hinata and his crew but also of characters from rival schools like Aoba Jousai High and Nekoma High.

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It only costs 620 yen to play the raffle, plus you always win something so why not try it. The raffles will be held at all Seven Eleven and other convenience stores.

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