Finally after 3 years, info on a new Fairy Tail movie has come in!

At the “Fairy Tail Ryuo Festival 2015” (Fairy Tail Ryuo Sai 2015) event held at Yomiuri Hall on Saturday May, 16th, the production of a new “Fairy Tail” Movie and a new OAD were announced.


Author of the original Manga, Hiro Mashima (真島ヒロ) will also participate in the production of the second movie. It´s said that a big effort will be made, to create something, even the fans of the original work will like .There has been no further information on the release date.

Other than that, an Orginal Animation DVD with the title: “Fairies’ Penalty Game” (Yōsei-tachi no batsu gēmu) has been announced, which is based on a One Shot (yomikiri), published on the “Magazine Special” from August 2013.

And additionally, the key-visuals of the Anime´s new Season “Gate of the Netherworld Tarutarosu” (meifu no mon tarutarosu) have been published!

Website of the Anime for further info:

Akiba Jigoku

Akiba Jigoku

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  • Patricio Perez

    Almost a year later… still no news about it.