On April 16th reservations began for the Japanese Sci-fi CG animated film Expelled From Paradise’s original cap and donburi  (bowl).



The cap is designed by Expelled From Paradise director, Seiji Mizushima and writer Gen Urobuchi and is modeled after the cap that is worn by Frontier Setter.   The cap has a stylish F motif on the front and two other logos on the side and on back. Plus there is accurately designed damage on the bill of the cap to give it the cool rugged look.


There is a cute chibi design of Angela Balzac on the inside of the donburi, to put a smile on your face when clear you plate. Reservations can be done at Japanese toy stores, electronic stores and online.



More info and pics can be found at: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/m13947.html

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