To commemorate Nagai Go’s 50th anniversary, “Cutie Honey” will be made into an animation. The title is “Cutie Honey Universe”. The visual teaser depicting Kisaragi Honey’s various costume changed has been published. Staff info has been released too, featuring Yokoyama Akitoshi as the director, Takahashi Natsuko as the series composer, Iseki Shuichi as the character designer and picture director, and “Production Lead” as the production studio. Specific dates and cast are to be announced later.

“Cutie Honey” began its comic serialization on Weekly Shonen Champion in 1973. In the same year, the TV anime was aired. In 1997, and OVA dubbed “New Cutie Honey” and TV anime “Cutie Honey F” was released, followed by an OVA “Re: Cutie Honey” in 2004.

Asides from the anime, the series has been adapted into a live-action film in 2004, as live-action TV drama “Cutie Honey THE LIVE” in 2007, and live-action film “Cutie Honey -TEARS-” in 2016.

(c)Go Nagai/Dynamic Planing-Project CHU

Translated from Nandaka Omoshiroi