Marina Inoue (井上麻里奈), Miyuki Sawashiro (沢城みゆき), Saito Sôma (斉藤壮馬), Mâya Uchida (内田真礼), Ishizuka Unshô (石塚運昇), are the names that have been announced.

忌ブキ (Ibuki): 井上麻里奈(Marina Inoue)

エィハ (Eiha) 沢城みゆき(Miyuki Sawashiro)

スアロー (Soarô) 斉藤壮馬 (Saito Sôma)

婁震華 (Rô Chenfa) 内田真礼 (Mâya Uchida)

禍グラバ (Kaguraba) 石塚運昇 (Ishizuka Unshô)

The Anime (production by SILVER LINK. and CONNECT) is based on the role-playing fiction (TRPG) “Red Dragon” (レッド・ドラゴン), and will be going on screen on TOKYO MX from July 2015!





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Akiba Jigoku

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